Bramble Cottage, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 3UT, GB
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The village of Coylton lies approximately 5 to 6 miles east of Ayr, on the A70, the traditional route to Edinburgh, via the Lang Whang and to Dumfries, via the Nith Valley. Coylton is a sprawling village, located between Ayr and Cumnock.

Old Coylton is situated to the south-east of the village which now spans in the region of 2 miles. The old village was the setting of an ancient church which is now in ruins, whilst the new village of Coylton is the site of a Gothic Church going back to the early 19th century. is committed to giving only the most up to date and relevant information about our region.

We are currently looking for tourist and accommodation information about this village to be contributed by the community and look forward to displaying it in the near future.