Bramble Cottage, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 3UT, GB
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VSS Terms and Conditions

    Booking System Terms and Conditions

    Tourism Doctor Ltd (TD) as providers of the Supercontrol Booking Software and t/a,,,, do not act as agents for the properties advertised and any contract is between the visitor and the accommodation provider or person responsible for the individual property bookings. At the time of your enquiry the accommodation requested is displayed as available, however, TD does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this availability or information about the accommodation.

    TD is not responsible for the quality or standards of any property advertised on this site. TD makes every effort to identify members and non-members of the Tourist Board Grading and Classification Scheme. Many accommodation providers are not members of the Tourist Board or of a Quality Assurance Scheme but this does not mean they offer inferior standards.

    All information regarding individual properties is provided by the property owner who is solely responsible to keep TD updated with information and amendments.

    Property Terms and Conditions
    Occupants must not exceed the max number advertised unless by prior arrangement, the property owners reserve the right to charge an additional cost should this number be exceeded.

    Individual check in/out times may vary according to property and will be displayed in the 'Property Owner T&C's'. These times must be adhered to unless otherwise agreed directly with the property owner.

    All property owners have the right to enter the property at any reasonable time to inspect or to carry out any necessary work or maintenance. Please leave the property in the same clean and tidy condition, as when you arrive, property owners reserve the right to charge an additional cost should this not be the case.

    Fuel and electricity is included in the cost with most properties and should be used sensibly, owners reserve the right to charge should excessive amounts be consumed. Any property charging an additional amount for electricity etc will stipulate such in the property details.

    The visitor will be held liable and requested to pay for any item or items lost, damaged or broken. We would advise that any such deficiency should be reported immediately on arrival.

    Pet Terms and Conditions
    Dogs are NOT accepted unless otherwise stated or by prior arrangement with the provider and may incur an additional charge. Each provider may stipulate individual ‘Rules’ that apply to dogs. All providers’ reserve the right to charge for any damage or inconvenience caused. Property owners will not accept any liability what so ever for any incident occurring due to visitor’s dogs who must also ensure that consideration is given to farm animals and wildlife.

    The under noted are basic rules that apply to all properties that accept dogs:
    Dogs must never be left unattended in the property
    Dogs must not be allowed on the furniture or bedding
    The owner of the animal must clear any fouling
    The property owner will not provide bowls or food